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8 at –home exercises for weight loss and muscle building

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Diet mistakes: Why you are not losing weight

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Evaluating the Effectiveness Of Weight Loss Quick Methods

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How Does Skinny Fiber Work?

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8 at –home exercises for weight loss and muscle building

Gone are the days when the gym was the only place one would work out. Your home can be your gym. As much as working out at home has its own challenges, it has its benefits too. All that is needed is to create a conducive environment. Want to build your muscles or shed off the extra weight at the comfort of your home? There are several exercises that can you help achieve that dream.

The Rapid Heart Rate workout

This exercise basically entails tracking your heart rate in a bid to maximize fat burning. It is a complex exercise yet very rewarding. It takes like 15 minutes with an alternation happening every minute on the minute.

15 minutes alternating every minute on the minute

The first minute -doing 15 pushups
2nd minute- 15 burpees
3rd minute- 30 second planks

12 minute alternating every minute of minute

1st minute-7 planks push ups .ach arm should be involved.
2nd minute-15 squat-jumps
The last minutes are spent running 1.5 miles. This exercise e is not for the faint hearted.

The Extreme Calorie Cutter Workout

This kind of exercise allows you to keep track of all the activities done with the day with the aim of focusing on burning of calories. For the warm up, you need to run for one 1mile.

The 18 minute alternating every minute on the minute

1st minute- do 30 push ups
2nd minute-30 air squats
It is followed by the 10 uphill sandbag carries

The 14 minute alternating E.M.O.M

1st minute- do then planks push up with each minute.
2nd minute-10 burpees every minute
The final exercise is running 1.25 miles.

Muscle Shockers

The muscle shockers exercise entails three sets of exercises that will force the body to grow. The program should last for about 4-6 weeks on one exercise before moving to the next. They should be used sparingly though. The main objective of these exercises is to shock lazy the mind and the body. They include the:
  • Chest pre-exhaustion shock workout
  • The full body eccentric shock workout
  • The shoulder and traps fascial shock work out
  • These are exercises that demand a lot of patience, hard work and dedication. The muscles never saw that coming.

    The Elimination Work Outs

    They are aimed at reconstructing the body. Imagine the idea of selecting an area in your body that you want to reduce the fat? What an awesome idea! However, that is not practically possible. With the elimination routine exercises, it is possible to keep fit by burning the calories in most areas of your body. The elimination workouts are a series of routine exercises that target trouble areas. The solution is usually muscle building. The following are example of the routine exercises:
  • The man boob elimination work out
  • The love handle elimination workout
  • The chicken leg elimination
  • To get a better understanding of how to go about the above named exercises, watching videos on them would help a great deal. These are exercises that can be done at home. Join the 90 day challenge. Be one of 3 top weight loss losers and win $1000.00 by visiting bigweightlossprograms.com

    Diet mistakes: Why you are not losing weight

    Do diets really work? A lot of people have picked dieting as their preferred way of losing weight. In most cases, they have failed terribly. What mistakes are being made? What most people do not understand is that they may be consuming a lot of calories even when following the diet regime. It is important to focus on what is causing the weight gain before attempting to solve the problem. Depending on what is causing the weight gain, a solution can be developed.

    Diet mistakes and how to avoid them

    Relying on crash diets

    Most people turn to crash diets in a bid to lose weight. Some of those crash diets may not be healthy and may end up causing more harm than good. This is because when the body runs on fewer calories, the body metabolism slows down in exchange. Once done within the diet, the body will burn calories more solely thus the initial weight lost will be regained.

    Skipping breakfast

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, many people have the notion that skipping breakfast is one of the simplest ways of burning calories. Skipping breakfast under any circumstances is a grave mistake. Later in the day, unplanned snacking is bound to happen. People who take a healthy breakfast in the morning tend to maintain a healthier weight.

    Losing track of your snacks

    A lot of dieters count calories of the main meals they are consuming. They deliberately or unintentionally do not count the calories of the snacks that they nibble. Are you counting the calories of the ice cream and piece cake that you ate mindlessly at your office desk? If one is really serious about counting calories, they should keep track of everything they eat.

    Not snacking at all

    Not snacking at all is a mistake too. However, overindulgence is not allowed. Studies have shown that people who eat snacks in between meals tend to control their hunger thus enabling them to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. The benefit of snacking is that it keeps metabolism high, especially for protein –rich snacks. Nuts are an example of healthy snacks.

    Loading up on low fat diet

    Low fat products are healthy. It is important to note that there is a difference between low fat and low calorie diet and that should not give you a reason to overfeed. For instance, piling your plate with many pieces of low fat cake will give more calories. It is better to eat a small piece of regular cake instead. The best way to know how much calories you are consuming is to read the nutritional information label.

    Drinking too little water

    This is a mistake that is made by majority of the dieters. Where burning of calories is involved, water plays a critical role. Dehydration slows metabolism and that affects the weight loss process. Adding a glass of water to every snack or meal is a recommended practice. Heard of the trivia Tuesday noon calls? These are informative call about the war on obesity. Listen and learn answer questions posted on Facebook and win Walmart gift card. Visit bigweightlossprograms.com to learn more.

    Evaluating the Effectiveness Of Weight Loss Quick Methods

    These days, there are all sorts of advertisements and promotions that promise miraculous weight loss. There are promises that you can lose massive 10 pounds within 10 days, and that without any dietary changes you can still lose weight, among many others. If you believe these advertising promotions and claims, then rapid weight loss is possible, but is it safe?
    It is important to note that the FDA does not regulate the manufacture and sale of diet and weight los supplements in the U.S. because it considers them as food. The agency only deals with products that are considered medications. Thus, the FDA does not guarantee the safety or otherwise of the various weight loss methods, programs and diets. There are success and failure stories in equal measure so you should take steps to ensure the safety of your health.

    What is quick weight loss?

    Ordinarily, weight loss should be gradual, just the way weight gain is. You didn’t gain 10 pounds in one week. Right? It then serves right that if you gained weight gradually, then it should be lost gradually, if the process is to be safe and healthy. Rapid weight loss does not follow this principle. It believes that weight which was gained for many years can be shed within few weeks or months.

    Is there safe weight loss quick method?

    When trying to shed off those excess pounds, you will definitely want to do so as fast as possible. There are various products that promise miraculous loss of weight. You may try them, and they may work…but are they safe? According to independent reviews, some rapid weight loss methods do not work and thus they are pure scams. Other quick weight loss methods work but they are not safe. Others work but are not as effective as promoters say about them.

    What do medics say about weight loss quick methods?

    According to verified medical research, quick weight loss will not help you if you want to maintain healthy weight in the long run. In other words, they may work in causing rapid weight loss for some few weeks or months, but, if you do not combine them with the right dietary habits and exercises, you are likely to gain weight again. In addition to this, they also come with several other health risks such as wasting of muscles, body weakness, and loss of hair among many others.

    What is safe weight loss?

    The principle of safe weight loss is that; if you gained weight loss slowly, you should lose it slowly as well. According to experts, the safe range of safe weight loss per week ranges from 1lb to 2 lbs per week. This is equivalent to 0.5kg to 1ks per week. If your weight loss, is rapid than this, note that you are at high risk of developing other health problems such as gallstones, and malnutrition. You may also experience generally feeling unwell and tired. To be safe, you should ensure that you keep and maintain healthy weight calculator. Very rapid or very slow weight loss means that something is amiss and you need to make the right dietary and lifestyle changes. The best weight loss method is that which emphasizes healthy diet combined with exercises.

    How Does Skinny Fiber Work?

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